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  • SMT Assembly Line SMT production line LED assembly line manufacturer
SMT Assembly Line SMT production line LED assembly line manufacturer

SMT Assembly Line SMT production line LED assembly line manufacturer

  • Name: SMT Assembly line
  • Usage: PCB production
  • Type: Full Automatic
  • Delivery time: 30 days
  • Product description: SMT Assembly Line SMT production line LED assembly line manufacturer

smt assembly line SMT production line LED assembly line manufacturer

For LED factory setup,we can do for you:

We provide full LED solution for you
We provide core technology with our equipments We provide the most professional tech service We have wealthy experience on LED factory setup We can solve any question about LED

SMT line Design for 1200mm LED:

A:led line for 1200mm led pcb(semi-auto):

Semi-auto printer”P12”+conveyor+led mounter+conveyor+reflow oven”E8”+working table(size:12.3*2*1.65m)

For SMT factory setup,we can do for you:

1. We provide fulL SMT solution for you
2. We provide core technology with our equipments

3. We provide the most professional tech service
4. We have wealthy experience on SMT factory setup

5. We can solve any question about SMT

SMT line design:

A:smt line for large pcb(semi-auto):

Semi-auto printer”P12”+conveyor+led mounter”SM482”+conveyor+reflow oven”E8”+working table(size:12.3*2*1.65m)

B. lens line for 600mm led pcb(semi-auto):

Glue dispenser machine+conveyor+lens mounter+conveyor+IR oven+ working table (size:13*2*1.65m)

C. Cost saving solution:

Semi Printer+conveyor+Glue dispenser machine+conveyor+lens mounter+conveyor+reflow oven+ working table (size:15*2*1.65m)

REMARK: for led and lens,The deficiency is of poor flexibility

Flason Electronic Co., Ltd. To provide professional SMT automatic production line solution, The company specializes in SMT chip mounter(New samsung: SM421, SM411, SM100 etc); yamaha SMT machine (YAMAHA Chip shooter); juki chip mounter, siemens SMT machine, panasonic SMT chip mounter, FUJI second-hand SMT machine. We are also sell printing machine, Point glue machine, Reflow soldering, Wave soldering, Automatic plug-in machines, Samsung SMT machine feida, Accessories, stencil printer, Reflow oven, flow welding, Panasert, AOI, X-ray, LED automatic die bonder etc, For communication products manufacturers, LED display, lighting manufacturers; SMT, AI materials processing, and other enterprises provide the required equipment or wiring scheme.
Main new
NEW automatic plug-in machines, horizontal plug, Vertical plug, Bulk LED plug, Reflow oven, wave soldering, domestic, import have lead, lead-free reflow soldering; Wave soldering,
Other SMT related equipment: : AOI; X - ray testing equipment t; Semi-automatic and fully automatic printing machine.
Flason electronic Co., Ltd, founded in 2009, has been strongly focus on R&D and sale of SMT equipments. Flason has unique SMT technology to provide professional services for domestic and foreign electronic customers in the long term. It's the leader of lead reflow oven in China.

Flason advantages



Other supplier


Core team

70% of our smt techinicans have working experience on  pick and place machine.

Not professional team for pick and place machine

Flason team members from practitioners Panasonic, FUJI, Samsung, Yamaha, JUKI, Siemens, Philips and other imported SMT machines, with many years’ experience in SMT applications, and more than 70%  employees are from domestic advanced SMT manufacturing plant ,can provide customers with the most professional SMT solutions and follow-up services.

R&D technology

Technology team from Microsoft, Siemens, Panasonic etc.


core technology team members are from Harbin Institute of Technology, Microsoft, Siemens, Panasonic and other business institutions. Learning expreience from top international chip mounters meanwhile increasing independent research and development..

Operation philosophy

Focus on SMT full line solutions.

Many products, no core direction

Workers from Flason are all in SMT field,have enough experience providing full SMT solution for customers.

Sales concept

Provide full SMT solution and valued sevice.

Only sell products

Flason team brings many surprises other than the product itself.


Full SMT solution provider

Many products,other fields besides SMT.

Professionally providing full SMT solution is the support for perfect after-sale service.


Good reputation


Flason: the most professional team of SMT machine, purchaement, production, delivery, service,faster maintenance.

Truly offer free lifetime technical support, free software upgrades lifelong.

400 897 5055 service call centers, call recording, visit tracking.

Flason has SMT industry's best after-sale service system!

Flason service system is open and transparent, the only first one in SMT field!

Flason's customer service has been recognized by not only customers,also competitors!

value-added service

Professional,money-saving,full SMT line services.


Flason team provides customers with many value-added services, including production line configuration, factory planning, follow-up development, technical training, technical seminars and Flason unique customer alliance, select Flason,select reliablity.


After-sales service:

1.Pre-consultation: provides professional SMT solutions for the full line.

2.Factory Warranty: One-year warranty factory service.

3.Installation: On-site installation and commissioning, to ensure smooth production

4. Technical Training: provides professional training from Level 1 to Level 3

5.Technical support:provides 7 * 24 technical support

6.Software Upgrade: offers lifetime free software upgrades for all products